How to Brew the Perfect Cup

Quick Tips: If you do nothing else always follow these 3 simple rules! 1. Keep your coffee pot clean! 2. Use good quality, filtered water. 3. Use fresh, high quality coffee. Important Steps: Always use fresh, quality coffee. Need we say more? Use pure water. Bottled or filtered water is a good choice. If you…
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The Roasting Process

There are always several grades of coffee from each country of origin; we specify only the best, based of cupping notes, and the experience of our brokers. We always start with the freshest new crop green coffee beans that our broker/importer has to offer. In August of 2017 we upgraded to a new Loring S15…
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Brewing the perfect cup of tea

The first step to any tea, hot or cold, is to use good water. No matter how high quality your tea is; bad water equals bad tea. The best recommendation is filtered water. Hot Tea: Use 1 Tbsp (approx. 1 rounded cereal spoon) for each 8 to 10 ounce mug.  Green or White Tea: use…
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