The Roasting Process

There are always several grades of coffee from each country of origin; we specify only the best, based of cupping notes, and the experience of our brokers. We always start with the freshest new crop green coffee beans that our broker/importer has to offer.

In August of 2017 we upgraded to a new Loring S15 Falcon roaster from Loring located in Santa Rosa, California. All of their products are designed, developed, and made by hand. This new dream machine features a patented single-burner design which is energy efficient and delivers a smokeless roasting process. What would have been wasted heat is recycled back into the roaster to reduce the amount of natural gas needed to roast the coffee. The advanced programming features allow for consistent, precise control so that each specific roasting profile gives the same excellent results every time. No guess work, just great coffee. From installation during the third week in August to December 31, 2017 we have roasted over 60,000 pounds of flawless coffee.

We set a target finish temperature for each type or style of coffee. All of our countries of origin coffees are roasted to the same temperature so that the individual aromas and flavors can be savored. I feel that this levels the playing field so that you can easily detect the differences between a mild Colombia and the more aromatic Kenya. Because of our roasting style our coffee always has bright mocha aroma.

If you like a full flavored, true to type coffee, I know you will love coffee from The Spice Merchant & Company.

Coffee Recipe’s